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In 2020 Coginchaug Little League enters our 31st season since merging the Durham and Middlefield Little Leagues, and is proud to be entering our 60th year of continuous Little League play in these two towns (Durham LL and Middlefield LL from 1959 - 1989, Coginchaug LL 1990-Present). We are chartered with, and insured by Little League International, the largest youth sports organization in the world.

Our Board of Directors are committed to providing a league that is fiscally responsible, a good citizen of the community, competitive on the field of play with our peers, and committed to the growth of each player not just as an athlete, but also as a person.  


Little League Baseball, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to "promote, develop, supervise, and voluntarily assist in all lawful ways, the interest of those who will participate in Little League Baseball and Softball."

Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists children in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being.  By espousing the virtues of character, courage, and loyalty, the Little League Baseball and Softball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.

Coginchaug Little League board meetings normally are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Middlefield Community Center (Oct-Mar) and at the Atwell Field PA Booth (Apr-Sept) and are open to the public.


Little League is the only outlet available for the development of baseball and softball skills for players that are 5 to 8 years of age.  Our players may continue with Little League until they are as old as 16, they may move on to other leagues, play on middle school or high school teams, or leave the game at some point along the way, but our goal remains the same along the journey. We look to provide an instructional experience, with a focus on sportsmanship and attitude, that gradually transitions from completely instructional, to a combination of competitive and instructional as the player continues with the league. Our coaches are volunteers only, with varying degrees of basketball and softball backgrounds, from fans and observers of the game, to former collegiate and minor league players. Coginchaug has partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance to ensure our coaches are clear on the philosophy of developing the person, not just the athlete.

As a citizen in the community, we work hard to maintain beautiful facilities at Allyn Brook and Peckham Parks. We share two softball fields with Coginchaug High School and invest in those fields to help offset the budget challenges faced by our RSD 13 athletic department, and have on occasion assisted with financial support for the CRHS baseball field as well, even though we do not use that facility  We have hosted numerous High School and Middle School softball games in recent years on our lighted Atwell field. We have an annual Scholarship that is given to two alumni that are high school seniors as a way to continue to give back to the community. And every fall we partner with the Durham Fair Association as a fundraiser for our league and a visible presence in the community. 

We are Coginchaug Little League of Durham and Middlefield, Connecticut. If you are a longtime volunteer or participant with Coginchaug Little League, thank you for your years of help and support. If you are new to our towns, we look forward to having you as a part of our family.

Coginchaug Little League is a member of Connecticut Little League District 9, one of 12 districts in Connecticut.  Coginchaug Little League has a proud history including having recently won:

2012 – 11 year old baseball Majors District 9 and Section 2 Championships - Connecticut State runner-up
2012 – Juniors softball District 9 Championship
2013 – 10 year old baseball Majors District 9 Championship
2013 – 10 year old softball Majors District 9 Championship
2013 – 12 year old boys Majors District 9 and Section 2 Championships - Connecticut State runner-up
2014 – 11 year old boys Majors District 9 Championship
2015 - Intermediate State Championship
2016 - 12 year old softball District 9 Championship
2016 - 12 year old baseball District 9 and Section 2 Championships - Connecticut Runner-up
2016 - Intermediate State Championship
2017 - 12 year old softball District 9 Championship
2017 - Intermediate State Championship
2017 - Junior softball State Championship - East Region USA runner-up
2019 - Intermediate Fall Championship

We also were State Champions in 12 year old Softball in 1993, and 1974, which was the first year Little League permitted girls to participate. Coginchaug will forever be the first Connecticut state champion of Little League softball. Our league consists of two small towns with a population totaling 12,000, which means that we draw from a population that is smaller than approximately 100 of the Little League programs in the state. No other league this size in Connecticut has experienced the competitive success at District, State and Regional level of Coginchaug Little League. 

Here is more information on the divisions of baseball and softball to help you understand how this program operates. Also, a history of the league since inception can be found in the History tab on the left side of the home page.

League Divisions
Coginchaug offers spring and fall baseball and softball programs to the youth of Durham and Middlefield.  The following provides an overview of our programs and the goals of each.
T-BALL - Ages 4-6
T-ball is a child's first exposure to the Coginchaug Little League program.  The goals of this program are to introduce the kids to the fundamentals of baseball, provide an encouraging environment, and leave the kids with a positive, memorable experience.  At the t-ball level, both boys and girls are trained together with separate leagues established for 5-year olds and 6-year olds.
Your child will participate in a structured program teaching the fundamentals of hitting, throwing, base running and fielding through fun, clinic-style drills, as well as through controlled games towards the end of the season to promote the development of their skills.  Introducing the children to baseball fundamentals is the primary goal of the program.  It is expected that t-ball sessions will be scheduled twice a week and will run for approximately 1.5 hours beginning in April and ending in early June.
FARM - Ages 7-8
The primary goal of the Minors A division is continued teaching of baseball/softball fundamentals and developing your child's baseball/softball skills.  At this level, the baseball and softball programs are split.  We want this time to be an exciting, rewarding and memorable experience, which will prepare your child for baseball or softball at a higher, competitive level.  It is not required that players have previously played in t-ball in order to participate at this level.  Players will split their time between “instructional” practices where they will learn the game through clinics and drills, and slightly competitive, controlled games with special playing rules in place to move the game, make it fun and promote the development of their skills.  The format of the farm program is coach pitch, although basic pitching skills will be introduced at this level.
Spring season
Practices: Usually 1-2 per week beginning in April
Games:  10-12 total games, usually one per week mid-April through early June
MINORS - Ages 9-11
The Minors division is also an instructional level focused on preparing players to move to the Majors division.  Players at this level consist of: (1) 8 year olds who try out for the Minors division and are drafted onto a Minors team and (2) 9 through 11 year olds that do not qualify for a Majors team. The Minor division is an instructional, yet competitive program that incorporates a "recreation team" philosophy where coaches are encouraged to rotate players through various positions.  Controlled games are played using primarily Majors division rules, although there are exceptions including limitations on stealing, walks and runs per inning to move the game along and to begin to develop an understanding of baseball/softball strategy.  This league stresses the teaching of baseball fundamentals and sportsmanship, as well as the overall development and refinement of proper baseball/softball skills and techniques.  Players will be assigned/drafted to teams in a manner that provides for balanced, competitive teams.  An all-star game consisting of players chosen by the Minors division coaches may occur at the end of the season.
Spring season
Practices:  Usually 2 per week beginning late March
Games:  12-14 total games, usually 1-2 per week from April to early June
MAJORS - Ages 10-12
The Majors division is a competitive program that focuses on developing a more advanced understanding of baseball/softball strategy as well as refinement of skills.  Players between the ages of 10 through 12 years old can try out for the Majors division.  According to Little League International, there is a minimum allowable playing time rule (6 consecutive defensive outs and one at-bat per game).  Player's knowledge and experience will grow with the regular game schedule, postseason playoffs, and an extensive practice schedule.  Players between the ages of 10 through 12 who are interested in playing in the Majors are selected through a try out process.  All 12 year olds will play in Majors unless their family petitions otherwise. Players previously selected for a Majors team do not tryout. 
Coginchaug will offer an Intermediate 50/70 baseball program if enough interest exists to form a team.  The Intermediate League is an advanced, competitive baseball league that plays on a slightly larger field than the Majors division field – 50’ (compared to 46’) pitching distance and 70’ (compared to 60’) base distance.  The purpose of this league is to provide a transition from the smaller Majors division size field to a full-sized baseball field.  Games in this league are played under full baseball rules, including leading from bases and pick-off attempts.   

Coginchaug will offer Junior or Senior baseball and softball if enough interest exists to form a team in these age groups. It is currently the only level where we are open to combinations of Coginchaug with other towns in the area if necessary to form a team.

The Juniors (13-14 year olds) and Seniors (15-16 year olds) Leagues are for those who wish to extend their Little League experience.  Juniors team are a blend of players from 8th grade and freshmen in High School, while Seniors teams are made up of all high school age players.  Teams at both levels are out to hone the skills they learned and acquire new strategies to help them play at the high school level.  Teams will play other teams in the District for their regular season and District tournament.
Practices:  Because most players are coming off playing Junior High or High School seasons, teams may only have a few practices before their first game, then one or two per week between regular season games.
Games:  The regular season doesn’t start until June, since there are players who also play on the High School team (those players are not eligible until their high school season is completed). The regular season consists of 12 games or more, in which teams play one game during the week and a doubleheader on the weekend.
Tournament:  Towns who enter a tournament team will play against the same teams they faced during the regular season in a Double Elimination tournament to produce a District Champion who would advance on to the Sectional tournament to play against other District winners.