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Optional Batting Practice on Saturday 4/17
by posted 04/16/2021

Hi All,

Just a reminder that there is optional batting practice at Pekham Field tomorrow AM from 8:30 - 10:00 AM.   If you are planning on attending, please let me know. 

Also with our first game just around the corner, we'll be working more beginning on Monday on Pitching and Catching.  It's important that players  wear their cup to practice so that they can participate.  The idea would be to rotate as many players as possible at those two positions, provided the players are comfortable enough to try it. If you have your own catching equipment, please bring that to practice.  I do have our team catchers equipment that I received on Wednesday. 

Wednesday's practice next week (4/21) will run as a game scrimmage against one of the other teams.  It's important that we have as many players as possible attend on that day so that we can run through game type play, prior to when we would begin playing actual games on Opening Day (4/24).  

As always, please do let at least one of your coaches know if your player can't make a practice of game.  As we get into our schedule it will be important for us to know how many players are attending.  Your coaches contact information is below. 

Coach Bob Davis - 860 301-8851

Coach Jim Armstrong - 860 841-3619

Coach Matt Dorsey - 203 213-3308


Thanks Everyone!   See you at the field!!


Coach Bob 



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Optional Batting Practice on Saturday 4/17
by posted 04/13/2021

Hi Everyone,

With just a little over a week to go until Opening Day (Saturday 4/24), there will be an optional practice on Saturday 4/17 from 8:30 until 10:30 AM at Pekham Field.   Coach Vin will be running batting practice for those that want to get in some additional practice, and I'll also be be there and we can use the time to work on some fielding, pitching, and catching. 

The practice is not required, but if you think you would be able to attend, please send me a quick email or text so that I know to expect to see you there.  Please be sure to come dressed and prepared as you would for any other practice, (wear a cup, bring bats, gloves, helmets, and water).  

Thank you!

Coach Bob Davis 









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Welcome to Team Tilcon
by posted 04/07/2021

Hello Players and Parents!  

Sending this to officially welcome you to Team Tilcon and to provide you with some preliminary information.  Some of this may be repetitive if you've been receiving the league news and have been following on the Coginchaug Little League website. 

Currently practices are scheduled for each Monday and Wednesday at Pekham field at 5:30PM.  Please be on time for all practice sessions.  Official games will begin on Saturday's after our Opening Day that is currently scheduled for Saturday 4/24.  More information on that will be available sometime soon. 

If you can't make a practice or game for any reason, or if you have any questions, you may contact any one of the Team Tilcon Coaches listed below. 

Coach Jim Armstrong - 860 841-3619

Coach Matt Dorsey - 203 213-3308

Coach Bob Davis - 860 301-8851

When players arrive at practice, the equipment and any bags should be left (by the players) along the 1st base side fencing next to the batting cage area.  Players should only bring their gloves and water bottles onto the field with them. (please be sure to have them bring a water bottle to practice).  Player should "always"  carry their own equipment, parents are not allowed past the edge of the right field outfield fencing (again due to Covid-19).  

Also, all players should have their own Bat and Batting Helmet, there can be no sharing of equipment.  Players should also wear an athletic supporter and cup.  That will allow them to participate in all of the practice activities.  

On behalf of the Team Tilcon coaching staff, we look forward to getting to know all of you, and to a terrific season.  Remember three very important rules that are critical to our success.

1.  Be a good sport and treat all players, coaches, and umpires with respect at all times.  

2.  Always try your best!!  

3.  Most importantly, Have Fun!!   

Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone at the field.


Coach Bob 






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